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Giant Light Switch 6' feet high & 3/2'wide
Light Switch Rental

Christmas Bear Costume Rental

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Watch this really fun Video from "Improv Everywhere" This event is remarkable. Watch their talent & genius in action. A mysterious red light switch allows unsuspecting New Yorkers to turn on over 50,000 Christmas lights.

Now you can lift the BIG switch to TURN on the power and light up your next event. FLIP the GIANT Light Switch and let the light illuminate all around creating holiday cheer!


Taffy Apple Station Rental

Make-Your-Own Caramel Apple Station Rental

Make your own Caramel Apples with our Caramel Apple Station, complete with toppings and an AMJ attendant. If you are looking for a splendid treat to offer your guests or hard working employees, then this Caramel Apple Bar is an amazing choice. It says, “You are appreciated.” or “You are special and sweet!” so call up AMJSE today and reserve the date for your event or appreciation day.

A Moon Jump 4U will come to your location, set up/clean-up/take down, decorate and supply all the fun and yummy ingredients needed as well as man the Taffy Apple Bar. We know how fun and tasty Caramel Apples are especially during prime apple season! We have many options for toppings and will work with your dietary needs also. If Caramel Apple Bar doesn’t match your taste buds, AMJSE offers many other food options like a Walking Taco Bar (fun for Cinco de Mayo) or a Fresh n Fruity Smoothie Bar.

Your guests will enjoy having the option to create “THE Best Taffy Apple EVER” because they get to choose which toppings they have a taste for that day and made it themselves. We offer a warm delicious soft caramel topping drizzled over our whole or sliced apples, then topped with your favorite toppings, and finish with a dollop of whip cream, if you’d like. We provide the friendly and professional staff, you provide the people. We also bring all the décor to make the table extra special and a unique treat. It's such a lovely gesture that helps keep your guests happy, entertained and feel appreciated.


Ginger Bread Men w/ Christmas Tree

Ginger Bread Men w/ Christmas Tree


Decorate for your next Christmas party and use these wonderful life like Ginger Bread men.

 Ginger Bread Men 
 w/ Christmas Tree

Santa Clause Statue

Santa Clause Statue A life sized Santa statue is the perfect greeting for your holiday event!

This Santa statue has impeccable detail from his classic red velvet outfit, rosey red cheeks, gold wire rimmed glasses, infamous snow white beard and of course, an armful of presents.

Whether you are looking to gain excitement at an entryway, or use this Santa Claus statue as a show-stopping center of your display, you can’t miss with this nostalgic Jolly Old Santa Claus.

This Santa Statue will surely add to your decor and create a wonderful photo opportunity for your guests!

Jolly Santa Claus

Santa Claus Statue Rental

Jolly Santa Claus is little larger then life sized Santa statue is the perfect greeting for your holiday event!
This Santa Statue is a ver Jolly Santa Claus Statue for your next Holiday fun event. Bigger then life! will surely add to your decor and create a wonderful photo opportunity for your guests!

Wooden Toy Soldiers Drummers

Wooden Toy Soldier Shall I play for you, pa rum pum pum pum, On my drum?

Are you looking for a drummer soldier for your holiday décor? This is a beautiful wooden 5 and a half foot Wooden Toy Soldiers Drummers that will make the statement you are looking for.

This handsome statue stands on a sturdy circle of green wood with black laced boots and a shiny red uniform holding a black drum and topped off with a big traditional hat. This drummer is ready to be a center piece or the corner décor of your festive home, office or holiday party.

Jolly Elf


The magic of this Jolly Elf is sure to stimulate the imagination of children. He is 6 feet tall and would add a welcome addition to your holiday decor. Dressed in a red, green, and gold outfit, he is sure to enhance the holiday spirit. So, gather the family and have a photograph with this Jolly Elf!